Change Log

Below you will find the list of changes that have been made to MOVAT over time.


  • Added features
  • Bug fixes
  • Changes to functionality

Version 3.56 Released 16/05/2024

  • Training Program Progress Updated to include the new DFES induction course.
  • Restricted → Member List Fixed permission issue.
  • Sign In → Default Purpose Fixed issue when signing in was broken if a default purpose was chosen.
  • Admin → Appointments Fixed issue where saving a new order would cause a "500" error.
  • Admin → Members Map Fixed issue some BGU maps were not loading.
  • Config → Users Fixed issue where saving changes for a member with an apostrophe in their name would cause a "500" error.
  • Admin → Call Out Sheet Changed to "Member Contacts Report".
  • Sign In Screen will stay awake.
  • Admin → Member Contacts Report Added option to list appointments, rather than grouped by them.
  • Actions Added option to upload files.
  • Checklists Added option to upload files.

Version 3.55 Released 26/10/2023

  • Checklists List Fixed issue when the checklist list was failing due to emojis used during the filling out of a checklist.
  • Checklist Emails Fixed issue where emailing a checklist with a "select" option would fail.
  • Sign In Purposes Fixed issue where sorting will caused an error and not save the new order.
  • Member Statistics Fixed html error 500.
  • SMS Fixed issue where an inbound SMS with an emoji was not recorded.
  • SMS Fixed issue where the auth code wasn't sent when adding an authorised "from" number.
  • Asset Item Fixed issue where saving an asset after editing would fail.
  • Competency Fixed issue where saving a completed competency would fail.
  • Calendar Fixed issue where a calendar item couldn't be added via the "plus" button.
  • Member Edit Fixed issue where appointment history was lost in certain circumstances.
  • Stores Item Issue Fixed issue where special characters would cause the "Member Issue" page to hang.
  • Member Appointments Fixed issue in various places where a member's old appointment was still showing as current.
  • Length of Service Calculation Fixed issue where "inactive" was being counted in length of service calculations.
  • Admin -> Sign In Log Edit Fixed crash for "Logs with Errors" if there aren't any error logs to show.
  • Apology Sign Ins Reverted to requiring a signature for apology sign ins.
  • Sign In Changed "New Purpose" button to "Other Purpose" for clarity.
  • Sign In / Out Re-formatted layout.
  • Sign In Under Config->Settings, you can set the behaviour of how a default sign in purpose is selected.
  • Admin -> Members Map Changed from Google Maps to Leaflet.
  • Comms -> Email Groups Fixed issue where the list wouldn't populate when a section or appointment was selected.
  • Calendar Added meeting category.
  • Restricted -> Member List Added appointments.
  • Admin -> Last Signed In Report Added legend when printing.
  • Admin -> Sign In Log Edit Added search settings when saving the log as a PDF.
  • Stores -> Locations List Added "last seen date" to report.
  • Stores -> Issued Items Added member name to page title, which then displays when printing.
  • Admin -> Member Edit Added button to copy member's home address into Next of Kin address.

Version 3.54 Released 15/05/2023

  • SMS Fixed issue where SMS sent with an emoji weren't saving correctly.
  • Sign In / Out Fixed issue where a name couldn't be entered manually.
  • Sign In / Out Added count of signed in and signed out to the "Currently Signed In" page.
  • Sign In / Out Added ability to sign in and out using DFES issued ID cards via an NFC reader.
  • Sign In / Out Fixed issue where an errant "-" was shown for purposes without a sub-purpose.
  • Sign In / Out Changed logic of "Apology" button to not require a purpose nor a signature
  • Calendar Reformatted calendar items, and added actions (by their due date). If an action is overdue it is show as today, with a "was due" date in the title.
  • Calendar Added the ability to subscribe to the calendar into Google / Outlook etc.
  • Availability Calendar Removed the ability to generate a report.
  • Home Page Added expiring ID cards list.
  • Home Page Added calendar.
  • Home Page Fixed WWC dates not showing.
  • Home Page Drivers Licences, ID Cards and WWC Check tables are hidden if none (respectively) are recorded.
  • SMS Added bulk send from the In/Out screen - same as the Immediate Availability screen.
  • Sign In Log - Logs with Errors Logs with times greater than 24 hours -> logs with "deployment" or "camp" in the purpose or comment fields are not shown.
  • Sign In Log Duration is re-calculated upon saving an updated In Time or Out Time.
  • Checklists Added print button.
  • Checklists Radio options are now over lines instead of next to each other.
  • Checklists Added ability to select multiple options under "Radio" items.
  • Checklists Locked or emailed checklists can be unlocked by any user with any privilege.
  • Member Issued Items Report Added option to show/hide returned items.
  • Member Status Fixed issue where a future dated status (e.g. Active / Leave of Absence / Resigned etc) would be set as their current status.
  • Training Programs Progress Updated report so that expiry dates are displayed if applicated. All dates are now expiry dates.
  • Training Competency Edit Fixed issue where it would fail to save an edited record.

Version 3.53 Released 16/03/2023

  • Checklist templates Fixed issue where empty templates couldn't be deleted.
  • Checklists Fixed a few bugs relating to general checklist management including duplicating, saving etc.
  • Availability Calendar Fixed issue where events couldn't be scheduled spanning months.
  • Actions Fixed issue where selecting a date may have caused the reminder to be in US format.
  • Competency List Fixed issue where hiding a competency wouldn't save.
  • Sign In Fixed issue where a sign in could occur without a name being entered or selected.
  • Sign In Shows error if sign in date/time is after the current time.
  • VFRS Added VFRS as a BGU type.
  • Sign In Log - Logs with Errors Now includes logs with times greater than 24 hours. Logs with "deployment" in the comment field are not shown.
  • eAcademy Import Updated the importing instructions to suit the new eAcademy.

Version 3.52 Released 06/08/2022

  • Add bulk sign in logs Fixed issue where all logs were added as apologies.
  • Member Issue PPE/C Fixed issue where stock level was decreased regardless of selection.
  • Drivers Licences Fixed sorting by expiry date.
  • Member Edit (BFS & VFES only) Fixed issue where "Probationary" wasn't listed under Membership Type.
  • Added working with children checks Implemented the same as driver's licences.
  • Pathways → Training Program Changed pathways to training programs.
  • Training Programs Added drivers licences and working with children checks to start of table under "external".

Version 3.51 Released 20/02/2022

  • Checklists Made the loading / saving / emailing more robust.
  • Sign In Purposes Fixed issue where editing an item would remove the Purpose and SubPurpose fields.
  • Sign In Purposes Fixed issue where a new purpose couldn't be added.
  • Email Groups Fixed issue with the email forwarder not working when a manual email address was entered as the only entry in the group.
  • Sign In Log Edit Changed the "From Date" to 7 days ago under Search Log.
  • Service Awards Added service awards page under Admin.
  • SMS Additional SMS Contacts is checked for inbound SMS and the name displayed in the correspondence view.
  • SMS Fixed sender number issue, where the sender from the recipients point of view was something like +0417xxxxxx instead of +61417xxxxxx.
  • Member Edit Added duplicate member check. This checks for duplicate DFES ID or by surname.
  • Actions Table Added "Cancelled" status.
  • Added Calendar feature Depending on privileges and settings, includes "My Availability", "BGU Events", "Birthdays", "Asset Maintenance".
  • "My Availability" Split into "My Immediate Availability" and "Calendar" on the main screen.
  • Member Edit - Files Upload Added catch for apostrophe in file name, which causes file upload errors.
  • Stores PPE/C List Prevented carriage returns in item names, which was causing script failures when issuing items to members.
  • SMS Unread SMS (on the home screen and SMS screen) are restricted to the last 30 days.
  • SMS Pending SMS will always be shown in the In/Out screen.
  • SMS Pending SMS are sorted by sending time, rather than configured time.
  • Pages with text areas Corrected bug where the month was used as the minute when clicking on the timestamp button.
  • Membership type Added "Inactive" as a membership type for bushfire brigades. "Inactive" is lack of attendance / currency expiry as opposed to "Leave of Absence" which is approved leave.
  • Members Details Changed the notes section to be permanent notes with time stamp and who made the note.

Version 3.50 Released 07/11/2021

  • Member Report Fixed issue where ID image would not display on report.
  • PPE/C Item List Fixed issue where inline editing wasn't saving.
  • Sign In Purposes Prevented the change of purpose or sub-purpose text, and the deletion of a purpose if logs exist against that purpose.
  • Issue Items Fixed issue where datepickers were not being displayed.
  • Issue Items Fixed formatting issue where buttons would split over lines.
  • SMS SURL Removed short URL reference to availability as it is redundant.
  • Sign Out All Confirmation Made text larger.
  • Add Bulk Sign Ins Added "Mark as Apology" option.
  • Member Statistics Added "Member Statistics" under "Admin". Currently only shows changes in membership numbers. Let me know if you have any requests.
  • Member Table Added tooltip for "Last Signed In" to indicate that it includes apologies.
  • Actions Added "On Hold" status.
  • Files Made files explicitly read only for member access (if view enabled in Config → Settings).
  • General Usage Implemented redirects upon login for links to work correctly.
  • Checklists Added searchable flags for text input items which display in the "Started or Completed Checklists" table.

Version 3.49 Released 29/08/2021

  • Members Table Fixed issue where not all life members were shown with the tag.
  • Sign In Purposes Added "All Purposes" option for home page charts and member table summary.
  • SMS Fixed issue where a member that was "Not Available" on the calendar was ignored if they were sent an SMS and they hadn't responded.
  • Availability Calendar Fixed issue where qualifications weren't shown correctly.
  • Member Availability Added more tooltips for SMS.
  • BGU Type Added VFES.
  • Pathway Progress Added VFES.
  • eAcademy Import Fixed issue with long course codes.
  • Actions Board Added the ability to duplicate actions.
  • Actions Edit Changed the behaviour of the "TAB" key when in Originator or Responsible Persons (no longer selects the first item).
  • Actions Edit Added more options to the recurring interval - "every second month", "every third month", "quarterly", "every six months".
  • Actions Edit The recurring interval is now based on the start date instead of "today".
  • Actions Board All actions are shown in the table. "Private" actions do not show edit or duplicate buttons and their descriptions are removed.
  • Actions Board Changed the "private" logic to allow the person who created the action to always be able to view, regardless of the "private" tag.
  • Checklists Increased the size of the buttons, and added some space before the top buttons.
  • Email Groups Inline images are now supported.
  • Sign In/Out Members that have sent apologies in the last 12 hours are marked "APOLOGIES" on the sign in screen.

Version 3.48 Released 30/06/2021

  • Various Pages Fixed issue where a phone or tablet's keyboard would appear & disappear rapidly for tables with filters.
  • Availability Fixed issue date pickers would not show when entering availability.
  • Membership Type Fixed issue where "Associate" membership type wasn't working correctly.
  • Sign in Add Bulk Fixed issue where members without an appointment were not shown under all members.
  • Assets Added "Price" column and now displays all items.
  • ID Cards Fixed issue where saving the card number caused an error.
  • Life Members Added Life Member management. Record as an "Award" on the member edit page. "Life Member" or "Life Member (Deceased)". A tag will be shown on the members table. "Life Member" is an option in the "Group Email" and "SMS" functions.
  • Actions Made it mandatory to enter a "Completed Date" when the status was changed to "Completed" and vice-versa.
  • Immediate Availability Changed location (and method) of selecting qualifications (in table header now).
  • Availability Calendar Added qualifications to table.
  • Availability Calendar Added export report for 3 day view.
  • SMS Removed "including cadets" from list. By default, members with type "Cadet" will not be listed.
  • SMS Changed "By position" to "By appointment" for consistency.
  • SMS Improved accuracy of delivery reports.
  • Appointments Brought back the shortcut button to show the member list.
  • Member Files Fixed issue where a comma in the filename would cause the downloaded filename to be incorrect.

Version 3.47 Released 27/04/2021

  • Edit Sign In Log Fixed issue when adding an entry, the date picker would not show.
  • Edit Sign In Log Fixed issue when searching by name would be ignored.
  • Edit Sign In Log Fixed issue when adding an entry, the table would not update.
  • Stores Issue Items Fixed issue when the incorrect member name would be displayed after saving a new item.
  • Home Page Only users with the Admin privilege can see the expired drivers licences, birthdays and service anniversaries.
  • Various Tables Reverted "in table" editing to previous way, with added save and cancel buttons.
  • Various Pages Fixed issue where a phone or tablet's keyboard would appear & disappear rapidly for tables with filters.

Version 3.46 Released 09/04/2021

  • Login Script Fixed issue where an availability could be set without logging in.
  • Tables Consistency introduced between tables, including fixed headers when scrolling, filtering and sorting data. Excludes the "SMS In / Out" view and the "Immediate Availability" pages.
  • Front Page Added "Files" button.
  • SMS Changed "by name" selection to exclude or include cadets.
  • Member Availability Fixed a timezone discrepancy.
  • Member Availability Updated formatting for mobile devices, and added ability to select members to SMS.
  • SMS & Member Availability Changed logic so member availability did not show "no reply" when an SMS was not sent from MOVAT (i.e. reply to MOVAT is not expected).
  • Member Availability Logic changed so that if a member is marked "not available" in their calendar and have not replied to an SMS, their status remains as Not Available.
  • Member Availability Changed precedence and sort order. Refer to the website for more details.
  • Actions Notes has been renamed to comments and are recorded with a timestamp and who commented.
  • Action Reminders Updated logic code for reminder intervals.
  • Checklists Fixed bug where using special characters (" or \) would break it.
  • ID Cards Added new ID Card functionality under the "Admin" section.
  • Call Out Sheet Removed members that were on "Leave of Absence".
  • Call Out Sheet Added "Membership Type" to available options.
  • Membership Type Added "Associate" as a membership type for Marine Rescue.
  • Additional SMS Contacts Renamed from SMSer Sync.
  • Email Groups Added "membership type" and "appointment" selectors.
  • Pathway Progress Added date for last first aid course and working with children check. Cells highlighted for nearing expiry (within 6 months) and expired.
  • SES Pathway Changed "All-Terrain Utility Vehicle (John Deere Gator)" to "Drive All Terrain Vehicle".
  • eAcademy Import Fixed import issue due to changes in the exported file from eAcademy.
  • eAcademy Import Added additional instructions including errors.
  • eAcademy Import !!! IMPORTANT !!! - Course codes are now imported when following the new instructions. This is a breaking change for competencies previously given nicknames and they will need to be reviewed to ensure the nicknames are appropriate and correct.
  • Training Competency Matrix Option to show all members.
  • Member PPE/C Issue Added filter for returned items.
  • Member Issue Items Change member without going back to the member list.
  • Asset List Added "Last Seen" date.

Version 3.45 Released 22/01/2021

  • eAcademy Import Expanded the last step in the instructions.
  • SMS In/Out Added colours to names to indicate delivery time. Also added a tooltip (hover over a name) to show delivery time in hours:minutes:seconds.
  • SMS In/Out Fixed delivery report icons for SMS sent to manual numbers, or additional SMS numbers.
  • Bulk add sign ins Fixed error when "Echo" was in the name of a selected member.
  • Sign in / out Fixed unresponsive "clear sig" button.
  • Email Groups Added ability to specify an email address that is not linked to a member.
  • Members Added ability to upload files against a member.
  • Checklists Added ability to print blank checklists.

Version 3.44 Released 27/11/2020

  • Last Signed in Report Fixed member list to show all active members. Previously only showed members with appointments.
  • Users Fixed up issue where a new member was not emailed with a temporary password.
  • Member Details Report Fixed page title.
  • Member Map Fixed issue where changing a member address wouldn't recalculate ETA to BGU.
  • Last Signed in Report Added membership type to the report.
  • Sign In Doubled the time-out of the sign in screen to 5 minutes. Sign out and Convert are not affected at 30 seconds to complete the action.
  • Users Changed "Duty Officer" and "Team Leader" privileges to "Member Availability" and "Restricted".
  • Log In Made the SignIn account saved on a device. Details are removed when a different account is used.
  • Sign In / Out Fixed portrait tablet button arrangement to be stacked instead of gridded.
  • Sign In / Out Adjusted screen real-estate for portrait tablets to fit everything including the on-screen keyboard.
  • Member List Added member list to the "Restricted" privilege.
  • Asset List Fixed duplication issue.

Version 3.43 Released 21/08/2020

  • New Member Fixed issue with saving new members.
  • SMS Fixed recipient loading for positions and qualifications.
  • SMS Corres Fixed issue where the name wasn't showing for a reply from a non-member.
  • eAcademy Import Fixed issue where importing from eAcademy would remove expiry dates in MOVAT.
  • Calendars The library used for the calendars has been updated. This fixes the Member Availability calendar auto strolling to the top.
  • Actions Board Combined the search fields for "Originator" and "Responsible Persons".
  • Sign In / Out Added connection monitoring to the page in an attempt to prevent timeout issues.
  • Member Medical Report Created a member medical report. Access via Admin → Members
  • Member Details Report Created an all member details table. Access via Admin → Members
  • Created 'Checklist' User Account Created a user account that only has access to the checklists. Password is set under Config → Users.
  • Member Competency List Added expiry filter to the competency list.
  • Member Map Added member transit time to BGU. Set BGU address under Config → Settings. Then Admin → Members Map.
  • Users Added "Utilities" privilege.
  • Users Added member name to access log when a new user is created.
  • Users Config → Users has been revamped to be the only place to manage access to MOVAT by current members. Privileged users have settings under the table headers. Members with "General access only" have access to their availability, checklists, action board etc, as per the settings in Config → Settings. Members with "Never accessed" do not have log in credentials yet. Removed "Reset Password" and "Lock User" from the Member edit page under Admin.

Version 3.42 Released 27/06/2020

  • Group Emails Added the ability to configure email groups (found under the Comms menu).
  • Member Awards Added autocomplete for award name. These are based off existing award entries.
  • General Settings Added Marine Rescue as a BGU type.
  • Asset Calendar Added Year view.
  • SMS Compose Sped up member loading.
  • SMS Compose Added red background to "not available" under recipient selection.
  • SMS Compose Added button to reset member statuses. This has the same action as "Clear Notifications" in the "Member Availability" immediate section.
  • Positions -> Appointments Positions has been renamed to Appointments.
  • Checklists Made radio button text clearer.
  • Availability Calendar Made slight changes to the calendar display. Removed week view and replaced with 3 days.
  • Member List Made "show cadets" default off.
  • Sign In The mandatory selection of a purpose is now configurable - Config -> Settings. Default is no.
  • Sign In Stats Changed count chart to a pie chart when there is only one time data point.
  • Training Pathways Updated training pathways to 2020 versions.
  • Member Availability Fixed formatting issue with "play sound" on small devices.
  • Member Availability Report Fixed background formatting.
  • Member Edit Fixed issue with saving Medical and Notes when they contained special characters.

Version 3.41 Released 17/04/2020

  • Sign In Removed the requirement for a purpose to be selected.
  • Sign In Fixed issue where button text would not wrap.
  • Sign In Log Bulk Add Added 'all members' option to list.
  • Sign In Log Edit Created an "error" filter that will show logs prior to 2000, in times after out times, and where no purpose is selected.
  • Sign In Log Edit Fixed formatting of the buttons so they didn't wrap over a line.
  • Last Signed In Report Added caption that it excludes apologies.
  • Availability Made the selected qualifications persist between logins on the same computer.
  • Availability Changed from panels to tabs between Immediate and Calendar to allow easier navigation.
  • Availability Improved responsiveness to changes, and extended refresh interval to 5 seconds.
  • Availability Can now play a sound when a new response is received.
  • Availability Report Fixed 404 error.
  • My Availability Changed from panels to tabs between Immediate and Calendar to allow easier navigation.
  • My Availability Changed formatting to allow larger screens. Particularly useful for the calendar.
  • Issued Items Report Fixed issue where exporting to csv would drop the header information.
  • Issued Items Report Fixed issue where printing would not insert page breaks between members.
  • Checklists Can now actually be sent to multiple recipients - separate email addresses using a semi-colon.
  • SMS In/Out Can now play a sound when a new SMS is received.
  • SMS In/Out Fixed issue where the from and to search fields couldn't be selected on small screens.
  • Member Edit Allowed the start and end dates for positions.
  • Member Edit Allowed the recording of awards and recognition.
  • Asset Edit Fixed the formatting of the Name field.
  • Asset Calendar Added legend.

Version 3.40 Released 13/03/2020

  • Stores Item Report Errors were shown.
  • SMS Correspondence Manually entered numbers would not show delivery status.
  • Sign In Added 6 hours and 9 hours as options to the purpose sticky time in Config -> Settings.
  • Action Emails Fixed email notifications.

Version 3.39 Released 16/01/2020

  • Call Out Sheet Errors were shown when qualifications were selected.
  • Availability / SMS Fixed bug where sending an SMS from the Availability screen would display an error, even though the message was sent.
  • Checklists Free text fields now allow multiple lines.
  • Checklists Are now available for general members.
  • Checklists Can be deleted.
  • Checklist Templates Fixed issue where the sub-text wouldn't clear on clicking cancel.
  • Sign In / Out Fixed issue where sub-purposes were not hidden on iPads.

Version 3.38 Released 18/12/2019

  • Checklists Added checklist capability. Templates are configured under "Utilities".
  • Member Edit Changed "Resigned / Terminated" to "Resigned / Terminated / Transferred" for the membership type.
  • Home Screen Added Actions Board and Checklists buttons.
  • Actions Actions can now be set to private. Private actions are only visible by the originator and the responsible persons.
  • Sign In Stats Changed hours chart to a pie chart when there is only one time data point.
  • Immediate Availability Saving a manual comment no longer overwrites the existing comments.
  • Security Minor improvement to security.
  • Member Issue Email Email will be bcc'd to the user sending it.
  • Sign In Buttons are now configurable under Config -> Settings.
  • Action Board Fixed issue where action reminder emails were not being sent.
  • Action Board Fixed issue where actions created pre-v3.37 would not save.
  • Sign In Stats Removed "Apology" logs from the count of members.
  • Assets Fixed error shown when adding a new asset.
  • Sign In Attendance Fixed issue where some members were not being displayed in the attendance report.
  • Google Contact Sync Fixed issue where syncing contacts with a Google account wasn't working.
  • SMS Fixed issue where names with an apostrophe were causing issues with the log.
  • Member Issue List Fixed error displayed at the top of the report.
  • Sign In Purposes Config Fixed bug where clicking on cancel during sorting redirected to the links page instead of the purpose page.
  • Call Out Sheet Fixed issue where re-loading options wouldn't re-check "Address", "Email" or "Secondary Email".
  • Training Log Fixed issue with generating a report ignoring the comment field.

Version 3.37 Released 17/10/2019

  • Sign In Stats Changed the activity calculator to always calculate.
  • SMS Inbound Fixed issue availability processing when response included special characters.
  • Availability Added ability to set member status from a mobile device. Touch on the member name to show.
  • Sign In Log Added ability to select a single member when generating a sign in log.
  • Availability Members that have not been sent an SMS since the last notifications were cleared are shown with a white background.
  • Availability SMS selection has been changed to status grouping and buttons are additive.
  • SMS Fixed issue where SMS were not being sent immediately.
  • SMS Correspondence View Displayed "MOVAT Number" for those using dedicated SMS numbers instead of just the number itself.
  • Asset Edit Added "other" to the list of asset owners.
  • Sign In Log Edit Added abiliy to add Apologies.
  • Action Board Members can now be tagged in actions as the originator and the responsible persons.
  • Action Board Reminder emails for can now be sent when set. They are sent around 8am on the day to the originator and responsible persons.
  • Emails Sending emails no longer hangs the browser. Emails are queued and the queue processed every minute.

Version 3.36 Released 05/08/2019

  • Log In Users with "Config" privilege are emailed when a user or member gets locked out due to incorrect password attempts.
  • Log In Fixed issue with Firefox not saving passwords correctly.
  • Phone Sync Added ability to sync contacts with Outlook.
  • Sign Ins Added ability to add sign in logs in bulk.

Version 3.35 Released 16/06/2019

  • Sign In Log Edit Fixed issue where the name could not be entered when adding an entry.
  • Sign In Log Edit Fixed issue where the signature would show a box when the entry was manually added.
  • Sign In / Out Fixed issue where selected name would not show correctly.
  • Sign In / Out Members that are signed in already will have "SIGNED IN" appended to their name.
  • Sign In / Out Currently Signed In button will show members signed in within 24 hours.
  • Sign In Statistics Added the ability to exclude probationary members from the "Table for each..." and "Set period..." reports.
  • Phone Syncing Fixed issue where existing contacts without a name were causing the sync to fail.
  • Inbound SMS Fixed issue where a message with a special character (e.g ') would not be received.
  • SMS Correspondence View Added the name of the member that sent the message and the quantity of SMS sent.
  • SMS Correspondence View Added ability to filter IN and OUT messages.
  • SMS from Availability Added the ability to erase the existing message.
  • Immediate Availability Fixed issue where competency selection was failing.
  • Call Out Sheet Added ability to show member DFES IDs.
  • Call Out Sheet Added ability to just show one section.
  • Personal Issue Added ability to monitor quantities of personal issue equipment. Kits cannot be used. Each issuable item in the "Item List" will need to have a size in the description if relevant to ensure that quantities are removed from the correct item.
  • General Member Access Added ability to allow general members to sign in from their own login. Turn on under Config→Settings.
  • Asset List Added the ability edit items directly from the asset list.
  • Assets Created an inspection & retirement calendar.
  • Member List Added the ability to hide cadet members.
  • Member Edit Callsign can now be alpha-numeric.
  • Member Email Address Sync Updated method for new version of Google Suite.
  • Home Page Made the three tables to be scrollable rather than taking up a heap of screen if there is a long list.
  • Service Anniversaries Removed "0" anniversary from table.

Version 3.34 Released 15/04/2019

  • Pathway Progress Rotated competency text.
  • Menu Adjusted items so that it doesn't go over two lines.
  • SMS Support members are not shown when selecting recipients by qualification.
  • Actions Board Removed some parts when printing.
  • Home Page Changed the service anniversay "Recent and Upcoming" to 3 months in the past to 1 month in the future.
  • Sign In Changed the back-end of the member selection process for Sign In and Sign Out.
  • Sign In Minor formatting improvements for tablet devices.
  • Members Changed Membership Type 'Resigned' to 'Resigned / Terminated'.
  • Sign In Fixed issue with special characters in comment field.
  • Sign Out Fixed issue where sign out time couldn't be changed on small devices.
  • Availability Added ability for comments to be made for the availability calendar.

Version 3.33 Released 04/02/2019

  • SMS Made buttons sticky on the new SMS and conversation views.
  • Sign In Stats Removed "horses" from the number of active members.
  • Sign Out Added ability to change sign out time.
  • Competency Reports Added "Pathway Progress" report.
  • Personal Issue Fixed issue where duplicating an issued item caused the page to not load properly.
  • Personal Issue Fixed issue where using special characters in size / item number etc did not save.
  • Various Places Changed member sort order to be surname, followed by preferred name.
  • Various Places Changed member name display to be "Preferred-Name Surname (DFES ID)".
  • Availability Allowed choosing between the immediate availability only, calendar only, both or neither. Config → Settings

Version 3.32 Released 23/01/2019

  • SMS Added unread indicator to the home page button that directs to the new conversation view.
  • SMS Added delivery indicators to SMS.
  • SMS List syncing to the Gateway should MOVAT be down, but SMS is required. Syncing is done on a weekly basis.
  • SMS Consolidated SMS screens into one conversation view.
  • SMS Inbound Changed processing of inbound SMS to prepend new comment to existing comment for the "Immediate Availability". Also added a date/time stamp.
  • Availability Added check that end date/time was after start date/time
  • Availability Removed members that are on "Leave of Absence"
  • Training Log Fixed issue where table wouldn't filter on purpose correctly.
  • Training Log Fixed issue where someone with Training privilege could not access page.
  • Sign In Log Fixed issue where cell background colours weren't showing during print. You will need to enable background colour printing in your browser (Firefox Chrome).
  • Sign in Log Added ability to select a combined purpose.
  • Last Signed in Report Added ability to select a purpose.

Version 3.31 Released 14/01/2019

  • SMS Fixed issue where recipents weren't showing for someone with SMS priviege, but not DO.
  • SMS Fixed issue where special characters were causing SMS to not be recorded in sent items.
  • SMS Added "Clear" button to the main SMS screen that will reset the message text, but retain the recipient list. "Reset" button resets everything.
  • SMS Added "Include not available members" checkbox to the SMS recipients. This is based on the members availability, with their "immediate availability" taking precedence over their "availability calendar".
  • Member Availability Added ability for members to record their availability on a calendar.
  • Availability Existing comments will now be retained, until the member clears it from the web version, or cleared by a duty officer.
  • Availability Members' availability calendars are taken into account, with their "immediate availabilty" taking precendence over their "availability calendar". Rcvd time shows "calendar" for calendar entries, otherwise the date/time of when the immediate availablility was received.
  • Availability Added ability to generate a report for printing.
  • Admin Fixed the "mobile phone" header in the member details report.
  • Admin Fixed issue where the delete button wouldn't match when editing member membership type.
  • Admin Added ability to email member details to members. Turn on under Config → Settings
  • Stores Fixed issue where an asset report wouldn't filter by location.
  • Stores Fixed asset list to filter correctly for requires inspection and requires retirement.
  • Stores Added ability to email member issued equipment to members from the member list.
  • Sign In Fixed issue when changing the SignIn password would cause an incorrect password error.
  • Sign In Fixed issue where input fields would change their height when the on screen keyboard is shown for Android devices.
  • Sign In Changed the currently signed in button to display list instead of report.
  • Sign In Changed myFFRS to BART for BFBs.
  • Sign In Changed the height of the buttons for easier "touching".
  • Sign In Moved the "change time" to the left hand side / top.
  • Sign In Changed the purpose sticky time to be selectable from Config → Settings.
  • Sign In Allowed access to the Actions Board from the Sign in Screen. Turn on under Config → Settings.
  • Sign In Statistics Fixed issue in reporting where a single member was selected.
  • Sign In Statistics Added another report type - "Set period, members as rows, purposes as columns."
  • Users Fixed issue when adding a new member did not show full list of members.
  • Mobile Devices Site appears like an app when a shortcut is saved to the home screen from Chrome for mobile devices.
  • Competencies Added eAcademy import date to reports and pages.
  • Team Leader Added team leader privileges to access the sign in log and competency reports.
  • Config Removed ability to update site from the menu.

Version 3.30 Released 21/10/2018

  • Login Changed the SignIn account to not be case sensitive.
  • Login Improved the security of password storage (increasing hashing algorithm).
  • Home Page Added "My Availability", "Member Availability" (for Duty Officers) and "SMS" (for SMS configured) buttons to home page.
  • Member Table Members that do not have a membership type set are now shown.
  • Member Edit Disabled reset password button for members that do not have a DFES ID saved.
  • Member Edit Added button to lock / unlock member access.
  • Availability Fixed up the "from" numbers when sending SMS.
  • Availability Added ability to turn off the availability feature under Config->Settings.
  • Users Fixed issue where a member might have a ' in their name.
  • SMS Fixed issue where the "SignIn" and "Stuart Romero (MOVAT)" accounts would show up in the All Members list.
  • SMS Sent Sent SMS are now sorted by descending sent date/time.
  • eAcademy Import Added capture of eAcademy import date.

Version 3.29 Released 15/10/2018

  • Users Changed the way users are managed. Only members of your BGU can have access.
  • Login Login is now the DFES ID.
  • Login Updated security of login script.
  • Login Changed the login page slightly.

Version 3.28 Released 10/10/2018

  • SMS Fixed character count.
  • SMS Added a "Clear" button.
  • SMS Fixed clicking of the "SMS Sent" button from re-sending SMS when it should be disabled.
  • Personal Issue Fixed issue date when adding a new kit.
  • Admin Fixed member issue map to update correctly.
  • Admin Fixed sign in statistics tables when there was no data for a selected purpose.
  • Availability Changed availability order so that "Not Available" responses are above "No responses".
  • Availability Processes SMS responses in this manner: First character is:
    • Y: Status = Available Now + Comment = Full message
    • N: Status = Not Available + Comment = Full message
    • L: Status = Available Later + Comment = Full message
    • None of the above: Status is unchanged, Comment = Full message
  • Files Allowed a user with Config privileges to delete files not owned by them.
  • Home Fixed charts for combined purposes.
  • General Change site icon.

Version 3.27 Released 3/10/2018

  • Sign In Updated the way sub-purposes are utilised in the sign in screen.
  • Home Page Updated the way charts are made. Settings in Config -> Sign In Purposes
  • Member Table Updated the way attendance statistics are calculated. Settings in Config -> Sign In Purposes
  • Availability Changed the login page title.
  • SMS Forced "From to be selected".
  • Member Edit Fixed some issues with adding a new member.

Version 3.26 Released 28/9/2018

  • Sign In Stats Allowed more memory usage for calculating stats on larger datasets.
  • Training Fixed link in eAcademy import.
  • Personal Issue Fixed issue with length of service calculation on the edit page.
  • Training Updated instructions for eAcademy import.
  • SMS & SMS Config Added capability to have additional contacts to SMS to. This uses the same dataset as the SMSer additional contacts page.
  • Assets Added capability to duplicate an asset from the asset list.
  • Availability Added spinner to show refreshing status.
  • Availability Added check that FROM was set when sending SMS.

Version 3.25 Released 25/9/2018

  • Config Fixed bug when deleting "from" numbers in SMS config.
  • Config Removed the SMS API settings from the config page. Settings are managed by Stuart Romero.
  • Config Changed update site details and removed option to change it.
  • Admin Fixed issue where not all positions were shown in the members list.
  • Admin Fixed issue where clicking on the count button on the positions page wouldn't show the members list with that position.
  • Admin Changed the call out sheet section border to be above the section header instead of below.
  • Admin Fixed column width of section border on the call out sheet.
  • Admin Defined button text for the membership types on the member edit page.
  • Training Log Fixed issue where you search for a member by name (including preferred & surname), the report would not generate.
  • SMS Added ability to send and receive SMS into MOVAT using a shared virtual number.
  • SMS Added templates (set in Config -> SMS Settings).
  • SMS Added ability to use emojis in SMS.
  • SMS Updated formatting so that the fields are better viewed on different sized screens.
  • Availability & SMS Automatically process SMS responses for the availability table. Y, Yes = Available Now; N, No = Not Available; Else = Available At with response in comment column.
  • Availability Added ability to send SMS direct from the availability page.
  • Availability Made background colours brighter.
  • Menu Renamed External Links to just Links.

Version 3.24 Released 31/8/2018

  • Fixed issue with logging in for new users or users with reset passwords. This also affected users that were trying to reset their password.
  • Fixed length of service calculation to not include leave of absence.
  • Fixed issue with the sign in log start / end dates not working quite correctly (missing first or end logs).
  • Fixed issue with the default page not showing sub-purposes correctly.
  • Fixed issue with the member issue report not generating for a "Stores" privileged user.
  • Turned off autocomplete for form inputs that use the datepicker.
  • Moved Actions, Files, Availability & SMS to the Utilities menu.
  • Added ability to send SMS from within MOVAT.

Version 3.23 Released 15/8/2018

  • Fixed up the sign in screen to show only active members.
  • Improved the security of the log in script.
  • Added a comment field for each membership type.
  • Added ability to add files to assets.
  • Added ability to export member data for import into BART.
  • Made search terms "sticky" so that when you go back to a page, the previous search terms will be re-applied.
  • Fixed the training log report to only show the purpose selected.
  • Put active member count back into the sign in report stats table.

Version 3.22 Released 19/7/2018

  • Added "Written Off" to options for PPE satisfactorily returned.
  • Added activity calculator for NOAR. This assumes that all members signed in for a period for the same purpose is one activity.
  • Updated csv export so tables are in the correct order.
  • Added option to include email address in competency matrix.
  • Fixed attendance report tables to generate correctly.
  • Changed the actions board to only show outstanding actions by default.
  • Changed the actions board to trim text length to 100 characters for the description. Search remains full text.
  • Fixed permissions for stores.
  • Changed membership from "active / not active" to those defined in SAP 5.5 for SES and as per the membership application for BFB. All active members are currently set to "Active (Operational)" for SES and "Active" for BFB.
  • Updated reports etc as per new membership types.

Version 3.21 Released 31/3/2018

  • Added "next inspection date" for assets and added to asset list.
  • Changed "Retirement Date" to "Disposal Date" and added "Retire By:" to assets.
  • Changed the asset list search to be "all / in service / archived".
  • Added ability to add files. Files can only be deleted by the file owner.

Version 3.20 Released 27/3/2018

  • Fixed issue where new positions couldn't be created.
  • Fixed issue where adding an entry into the sign in log with an ' in the comment fails.
  • Changed styling of the sign in screens to suit portrait devices.
  • Changed login script so the sign in account doesn't get locked automatically.
  • Fixed issue where clicking the count button on the positions page would not show the list of members with that position.
  • Removed the Beta tag from syncing with Google.
  • Fixed issue where sign ins wouldn't show for the "End Date" selected when generating a report.
  • Changed the eAcademy import to bring in the 'Next partial expiry' as the DFES expiry date as this is the correct one.

Version 3.19 Released 4/1/2018

  • Fixed last sign in report to include current sign ins.
  • Fixed some errors when generating the call out sheet.
  • Fixed checkbox mis-alignment on Sign In Log page.
  • Fixed the header in the sign in log edit table.
  • Fixed the unit type selection for BFBs.
  • Fixed Member edit page where the "copy to postal" button didn't work.
  • Fixed Member edit page where entering email addresses didn't work.
  • Changed the behaviour of the Sign in Log Edit page to wait for input before generating the table.
  • Changed the behaviour of sign out all button to not display when set in the settings.
  • Changed the size of the Sign Out button and moved the Sign Out All button to the right.
  • Changed the behaviour of sign out all button to show a confirmation.

Version 3.18 Released 6/11/2017

  • Fixed dynamic editing in Chrome.
  • Major changes to aesthetics.
  • Added ability to add entries into the sign in log.
  • Allow customisation of the call out sheet.
  • Changed the way "convert to callout" works.
  • Removed PDF capability. Most modern computers are able to print to pdf.
  • Changed XLS capability to generate CSV instead.

Version 3.17 Released 24/10/2017

  • Fixed issue where SubPurpose was required, even when there wasn't one in Chrome.

Version 3.16 Released 24/09/2017

  • Added script to export member photos.
  • Fixed duplicate headers in the NOAR report (DFES purposes).
  • Fixed "Number of Volunteers" chart for DFES purposes.
  • Fixed Sign in Log Edit page where searching for a purpose or comment displayed a blank table.
  • Changed the menu item "Log Training" to "Training Log".
  • When logging training and clicking "Save Comments", page no longer returns to the search page and stays on the data entry page.
  • Fixed FFRS log in for BFBs.
  • Added ability to make Sub-Purposes for the sign in log (disclaimer - this is not very pretty at the moment).
  • Added ability to import eAcademy data.
  • Added ability to record a secondary email.

Version 3.15 Released 20/6/2017

  • Few bug fixes, particularly in reporting and Excel exports.

Version 3.14 Released 19/6/2017

  • Fixed sign in for members with ' in their name.
  • Fixed some Excel report exports.
  • Updated the signature capture process and scripts.

Version 3.13 Released 13/5/2017

  • Fixed sign in/out page to remove loading spinner if errors occured.
  • Fixed asset report generation and excel export.
  • Fixed issued items excel export.
  • Added ability to generate a single report of issued items to all active members.

Version 3.12 Released 30/4/2017

  • Fixed birthday and service anniversaries as some data wasn't being displayed.
  • Removed debug message from the training competency report button.
  • Changed the random password alphabet to ignore characters that could be mistaken.
  • Updated dompdf (PDF generating engine) to 0.8.0.
  • Temporarily removed the ability to PDF the sign in report. If you require this functionality and have Windows 10 - just "print" the report to the "Microsoft Print to PDF".

Version 3.11 Released 29/3/2017

  • Updated signature compression to correct some errors that are generated.
  • Fixed export of dates / times to Excel.
  • Fixed member save bug that was introduced with the id image capture.
  • Changed sign in timeout (set to 2 minutes) so that it resets to zero when a button is pushed.
  • Added unit name to the subject line of the backup email.
  • Changed the favicon to the SES swan.
  • Added BFB styling.
  • Added time calculation to Excel export for the sign in report.
  • Added "Edit Sign In Log" to admin menu.
  • Fixed issue where special characters entered for member details (i.e. ') were not saved.
  • Added options to select a period for the birthdays and service anniversary tables on the home page.
  • Added checkbox for when a member satisfactorily returns issued PPE / PPC.
  • Fixed issue where missing signatures caused the signature regeneration script to fail.

Version 3.10 Released 5/2/2017

  • Added total combined volunteer experience to members page.
  • Changed course list to sort by course title.
  • Added eAcademy expiry date for courses.
  • Added ability to store member photos.
  • Fixed data copy script.
  • Fixed sign in purposes config where member summary selection wasn't saved on new.
  • Added ability to generate sign in report from training log page.

Version 3.09 Released 14/1/2017

  • Fixed access log to resolve and record hostname rather than determining on the fly.
  • Expanded MOVAT on login page.
  • Updated SQL table structures.
  • Trapped a bug on the map page where the member's address couldn't be geocoded.
  • Fixed expired driver's licence query.
  • Fixed auto-redirect for sign in account.
  • Fixed redirect for resetting password from config page.
  • Changed email address in footer to new email.
  • Fixed backup script.
  • New accounts are required to change their password on first log in.
  • Added password reset and changes in access log.
  • Changed the single config page into individual pages.

Version 3.08 Released 29/12/16

  • Improved the SignIn account password management.

Version 3.07 Released 28/12/16

  • Improved the backup script.
  • Added map showing member spatial distribution.
  • Fixed competency list page that wouldn't allow you to edit or add correctly.
  • Added "Google Contact Prefix" into competency list page. This can be used to add characters to a member's name to assist with callout procedures. E.g. an "A" could be used to denote an authorised team leader and would come up in calls / sms messages to the synced phones.
  • Fixed "Extended Leave" members from showing in SMSer Sync under "Active Members".
  • Added next of kin relationship to member records.
  • Made some fields optional for competency entering due to eAcademy changes.
  • Fixed new member saving.
  • Improved the sign in pages to work faster.
  • Renamed to MOVAT.
  • Added a login attempts log.
  • Improved the security of the login scripts.
  • Improved overall page security.
  • Introduced minimum password requirements.
  • Added access log view in Config page.
  • Added gender and next of kin fields for members.
  • Added SignIn account with a temporary password.
  • Changed the update server.

Version 3.06 Released 31/7/16

  • Fixed coding on the sign in log edit page to show currently signed in logs.
  • Re-arranged the login screen to better suit smaller screens.
  • Added signature display for the sign in log edit page.
  • Fixed issue when trying to enter a competency.

Version 3.05 Released 30/6/16

  • Fixed positions page code.
  • Fixed trailing '-' for sections with no titles.
  • Changed sign in log page to only generate statistics reports.
  • Added an "attendance" style report option.
  • Removed copyright footer when printing.
  • Changed location of account settings to config (for those with access), otherwise to the gear icon.
  • Added some more icon images for future use.
  • Fixed issue with making a new member.

Version 3.04 Released 30/6/16

  • Signatures are in the database to reduce the file size both in the database and for the backups.
  • Fixed loader animation for sign in screens for some configurations.

Version 3.03 Released 30/5/16

  • Fixed an issue with the sign in edit page regarding special characters in member names.
  • Created an index.php file for system configuration to only check for index.* files as the default page.
  • Fixed an issue with the default page where the purpose names used for the charts included multiple spaces.
  • The backup script to work correctly for linux based hosts.

Version 3.02 Released 23/5/16

  • Fixed issue where member details were not saved.

Version 3.01 Released 19/5/16

  • Fixed issue with sign out combo box when a visitor is signed in.
  • Updated the backup script to email the admin if the backup fails, but also to email a backup “on demand”.

Version 3.00 Released 17/5/16

  • Performed many cosmetic changes included the updating of the icons to a common theme, updated the sign in page and the default page to show a bit more detail.
  • Added charts to the home page. Sign in categories for these charts is defined in the config section.
  • Added the ability to "in-line" edit a lot of the tables. Any text highlighted in blue can be changed on screen and automatically.
  • Updated the code to be PHP7 compliant.

Version 2.06 Released 17/5/16

  • Updated the update files to accept changes in 3.0.

Version 2.05 Released 17/5/16

  • Fixed a bug that displayed the sql query when saving "kits".
  • Increased time out time on sign in page to 2 minutes.
  • Added the ability to delete sign in purposes. Note that this will also delete the corresponding logs and cannot be undone.
  • Fixed config page for managing purposes where it was allowing blanks and &s.

Version 2.04 Released 1/7/15

  • Fixed a bug in the login page that prevented log in introduced in 2.02 and 2.03.

Version 2.03 Released 1/7/15

  • The upgrade package for 2.02 wasn't complete.

Version 2.02 Released 1/7/15

  • Added sign in stats report. This can only be printed.
  • Improved the sign in stats charts, tables and report.
  • Added PPE kits functionality to personal issue.
  • Added ability to email member with their issued items report from the members list.

Version 2.01 Released 27/2/15

  • Made last sign in date blank on members page when there is no log.
  • Fixed formatting of sign in hours on members page.
  • Fixed anniversaries to remove list of members that have joined in the current month.
  • Updated jQuery UI to 1.11.1 and used the min version to speed up page loading.
  • Fixed contact CSV for Google Apps so that the preferred number is set as default when synced to an Android device.
  • Fixed competency report to correctly display qualification date when none was entered.
  • Added positions held to training log entry.

Version 1.9 Released 26/9/14

  • Made backup button actually send zip file instead of full size sql.
  • Version 1.8 update file didn't include all of the updated files.

Version 1.8 Released 26/9/14

  • Added stats to member page including number of training and callout hours.
  • Created member birthday list and length of service anniversaries.
  • Corrected default formatting for local sign in report.
  • Added the ability to sign in remotely for those that have log in credentials. Allows duty officer to sign in remotely if working from home etc.
  • Recorded the form inputs for the training log page.

Version 1.7 Released 4/8/14

  • Made the backup email a zip file to reduce size.
  • Corrected default formatting for sign in report.

Version 1.6 Released 5/6/14

  • Sorted the last signed in report by name.
  • Put the last signed in date on the member detail page.
  • Allowed deletion of sign in log entry through the config interface.
  • Added ability to select time format for the sign in reports.

Version 1.5 Released 17/5/14

  • Added legend to sign in stats charts.

Version 1.4 Released 12/5/14

  • Change the sign in pages so that they are full size for any screen.
  • Added the option to select the sign in purpose for the sign in report.
  • Fixed removal of page breaks on settings page.
  • Added the "Active Members" SMSer group that does not include the "Reserve" or "Probationary" sections.
  • Added restriction to only enter numbers for member contact numbers (no spaces etc).

Version 1.3 Released 25/2/14

  • Corrected member position counts in the positions page.
  • Added total number of active and reserve members on sign in stats page. This is used for the monthly activity reports.
  • Added "apology" bit to sign in screen so that when people message saying they can't attend training, it can be recorded. It'll sign in and out automatically, and set the comment to "Sent apology".
  • Fixed code in the updater. 1.2 version will not work for installations that have a prefix in their table names.
  • Fixed the reset password email that displayed the incorrect username.
  • Fixed sign in stats so they stop causing a 500 error.

Version 1.2 Released 3/2/14

  • Removed conversion of signature JSON to png. Raw data is recorded in the database instead of signatures.
  • Added total number of distinct volunteers to sign in stats page. This is used for the monthly activity reports.
  • Added robots.txt to discourage crawling by search engines.
  • Added updater file to update the program.

Version 1.1 Released 7/1/14

If upgrading from 1.0, you will just need to unzip the file, overwriting existing ones (it's a good idea to backup first). Then you'll need to run the following SQL through phpMyAdmin:
ALTER TABLE `members` CHANGE `Medical` `Medical` TEXT CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL
  • Added sign in statistics table and charts.
  • Corrected html code for login.php.
  • Corrected print script for when xls_cols is not set (noticed on the course_report_matrix.php file)
  • Fixed bug in print script and export to xls that prevented exporting multiple times.
  • Removed to do export as it was not necessary.
  • Added edit form for sign in log. Only available by an admin, and only allows the changing of times, purpose and comments. Name cannot be changed, and the entry cannot be deleted.
  • Use cookies to store search information.
  • Added custom page breaks for the call out sheet.
  • Added the ability to delete positions - only possible when the position isn't held by any member.
  • Added the ability to delete competencies - only possible when the no past or present members hold the competency.
  • Removed some miscellaneous bugs and standardised some of the forms.
  • Change all of the pages' titles so that browser history is actually useful.
  • Added a line to display temporary password when adding a user.
  • Mail testing file has been re-created.
  • Edited the sign in log reports to show meaningful days, hours and minutes.

Version 1.0 Released 5/12/13

  • Initial release.