Demo Site

A demo site is available for your perusal at

Note these passwords were changed 7th November 2018.

For the main site for a user with full privileges:
DFES ID is 123456
Password is Test2018

For the main site for a user with no privileges (i.e. a regular member):
DFES ID is 987654
Password is Test2018

For the sign in screen:
DFES ID is SignIn
Password is Test2018

Note that data on this site is reset regularly. Please do not enter any personal information into the demo site.

I am happy to visit units within the metro area to provide a demo. For country areas, I can provide a remote guided tour utilising TeamViewer and talking over the phone. TeamViewer is a program that allows me to remote control your computer. If you would like to do this, please contact me via email –