How Tos

A touch screen device (2-in-1 laptop or tablet etc) is strongly recommended so that sign ins can be electronically captured. I can supply the device if you wish.

For a tablet - I recommend an Android tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ 11" tablet which can be had for between $300 and $400. Combine with a Bosstab Touch Evo mount for $155 (screw mount) or $175 (free standing) delivered.

Attendance can also be logged by using the DFES ID cards (they have in-built NFC). The ID cards MUST have a number printed on the back. This number is entered into Admin->ID Cards

You will need to purchase a "MOVAT NFC" device, which are available in orange, blue or red (other colours can be requested). You will need to supply a usb-a power supply (>200mA output, which is almost all). It connects to your sign in device via bluetooth. It reads the ID card and looks up the correct member for signing in and out.

To purchase a device - please send me an email. They are $80 each, delivered.

For setup of the MOVAT NFC:

  1. Connect the MOVAT NFC to a power supply.
  2. Connect your sign in device to the "MOVAT-NFC" device via the bluetooth settings.
    • On iPads - I'm currently investigating how to make the on screen keyboard show when connected to the NFC reader.
    • On Windows - just connect the device to an available USB port
    • On Android - if you are using the on-screen keyboard of your tablet, you will need to turn on a setting. Screenshots may vary depending on model of your device, and the version of the operating system.
      1. Go to settings
      2. Scroll to "General management"
      3. Tap on "Physical keyboard"
      4. Turn on the "Show on-screen keyboard" option
  3. Return to the sign in screen of your device.

Sending SMS directly from MOVAT has the following benefits:

  • Ability to send SMS to your membership without having to enter phone numbers.
  • Send SMS to members with particular qualifications or hold a particular position.
  • SMS can be received into MOVAT if desired. This also integrates with the Availability function.

The cost to send an SMS is 10c each. Having a static, dedicated number is $25 per month. It is recommended to get a static number if you are plan to receive SMS into MOVAT, or use the integration between SMS replies and the Availability function. Having a static number allows recipients to save the number in their phones, assign it a specific notification tone and also bypass the "do not disturb" function.


Once terms have been agreed to, an account will be set up and the functionality enabled in MOVAT.

To authorise a number to be sent "from", go to Config SMS Settings and complete the form. Message templates and additional contacts can be set up in the same SMS Settings page.

Privileges will need to be enabled for each user under Config Users.


SMS can be found on the home page and in the utilities menu. The menu an the top of the SMS pages will allow you to navigate to the New SMS and the Conversation View.


This is where you can send SMS and is pretty self-explanatory. Note the following:

  • The Reset member statuses button will clear all current member availability statuses. It will not clear calendar entries.
  • Under Sender / From / Reply-to, the "MOVAT" option will send SMS from a shared (or dedicated) number to the recipients. Any replies are sent to the Inbox and processed for the Availability functionality.
  • The Recipient List will not duplicate numbers, unless they are manually entered into the "Enter mobile number" field. Members who are not currently available (as per their Immediate Availability or their Availability Calendar) will be shaded red.
  • Under Message Text, you can select a template if configured. Within the message text, you can enter [DTG] which will be translated into a date time group of the form 24/07 14:54 when the SMS is sent. Emoji's can be used, however note that characters per SMS is halved.

Conversation View (In / Out)

This page consolidates inbound messages, outbound messages and scheduled messages (which can be cancelled from this page). You can also reply directly to received messages.

Backup SMS Service

Should the main MOVAT website be down, there is a backup SMS service. Please click here to access the instructions.

The availability function is a tool to assist the Duty Officer (DO) to obtain real-time feedback from members about their availability. The basic process would be:

  1. The DO would send an SMS to members asking them to advise availability (e.g. for a callout). They can send the SMS from MOVAT with the [SURL] tag, or the message text can ask for availability via MOVAT.
  2. The recipients would access the availability page and enter their availability. Alternatively, recipients can respond to the SMS (if sent via the MOVAT "from") and their response will be interpreted programatically.
  3. The DO could then monitor the Availability table for responses.

Each member would have a PIN assigned (different from their usual MOVAT login). PINs can be reset in the Member Edit screen (under Admin), or reset by each member from the availability login (e.g.

This is used to sync member contact details (and the additional contacts) to a Google account. This Google account can then be put onto BGU phones so that the contacts are syncronised.

You will need a Google account. If you have G-Suite, then make a new account there, or just make a Gmail account.

To use this functionality - follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Comms Phone Syncing. On this page you can add / edit the additional contacts. When you are done, click on "Sync with Google".
  2. As per the warning - it is recommended to sign out of all Google accounts prior to proceeding. This will ensure that you do not overwrite your contact details for your personal accounts.
  3. Click on the "Connect" button and a window should open asking you to sign in to your Google account.
  4. You will probably see a warning that "This app isn't verified". If you do, click on "Advanced" and then "Go to (unsafe)".
  5. You will need to allow to manage your contacts, so click on Allow and you should return to MOVAT.
  6. MOVAT will get the contacts from the Google account and compare them to the MOVAT contacts and provide lists based on new contacts, changed contacts and matched contacts.
  7. Once you have made all the changes, click on "Re-get Contacts" to ensure everything is in syncronised correctly.
  8. Click "Disconnect" when you are done.

Please see the video below demonstrating the steps above.

Email groups allows you to confirgure MOVAT to forward emails to your members. For example, you could configure it to have emails that are sent to are then forwarded to all of your active members.

There are a few things to note:

  • An email can only be sent by an active member of the BGU to these group emails. This is based off the sender's registered email in MOVAT.
  • The sender must use the "to" or "cc" fields when drafting the email.
  • Multiple groups within the same BGU can be emailed at once. If any of the groups are marked as "BCC" only, then all recipients will be BCC.
  • Members marked as "Resigned" will not be emailed.
  • Emails are received as coming from the sender with "(via MOVAT)" appended - e.g. Stuart Romero (via MOVAT). The forwarded email also has a line above the email body that says something like "The email below was sent to you by sender's name (sender's email) via the MOVAT email forwarder."
  • If there is an issue with the email, a reply should be sent back to the sender detailing the issue.

To configure an email group:

  1. Go to Comms Email Groups
  2. Click on "Add New" (the page below will display)
  3. Enter the email address that you would like to use for the group. Note the "" is set.
  4. Select if the recipients should be "CC" or "BCC". When "BCC" is selected, recipients will not be able to use "Reply-All".
  5. Under recipients, you can select the filters for the members of the group email. When you select an item, the recipient preview will update using the current active member list.
    • "All members" means all active members.
    • For sections or qualifications, only the members that are in that section or have that qualification at the time of the email being forwarded will receive the email.