Security of data is a primary concern of myself, and also users and other stakeholders.

  • Data is stored at a web host's data centre in Perth CBD.
  • Encrypted backups are stored offsite.
  • Access to each unit's "front end" is via passwords with minimum strength requirements.
  • Each user has privileges as set by someone with the "Config" privilege. More info below.
  • Access logs are routinely reviewed for anomalous occurrences.
  • Access to the software is encrypted using SSL.
  • There is no minimum requirement for information stored in MOVAT.


By default, all members with a DFES ID have access if they have a password set. Member passwords can be set via editing the member's details in the Admin menu, or they can reset their password directly from the login screen (they'll need to have an email address recorded). Access is restricted to the "Availability" capture page and/or the Files page, depending on settings in Config Settings.

Additional privileges are set in the Config Users screen (via an existing user that has the "Config" privilege).

Privilege Capabilities
Duty Officer Access the "Availability" table. "Availability" will also need to be turned on in Config Settings page.
Team Leader No effect at the moment.
SMS Ability to send and receive SMS from MOVAT. SMS will also need to be configured. Contact me for more information.
Admin / Comms / Training / Stores Access to each of the respective menu items. There is slight overlap depending on functions.